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Specs Using ARP Moly Lube
  1. Head studs-use around 80-85 ft/lbs, no 1/4 turn stuff. If running higher boost, go 90-100 ft/lbs. When installing the studs, make sure NOT to bottom out the stud in the block otherwise you won't get a proper reading and you can crack the block-this is for TIII's, 8 valves are ok as they are designed for that engine, the studs are also put in finger tight. Some say to retorque after a heat cycle, some don't-pick your poison.
  2. Mains studs are 65 ft/lbs, you can loctite these in place if you want.
  3. Rod bolts are 50 ft/lbs. If being used for the first time, you must tighten them to spec, loosen and repeat 3 times.
  4. Eagle rods with the 3/8 ARP 2000 bolts are 43 ft/lbs or use the stretch method, .0055"-.0059"
Using oil or other lube will require a higher torque.

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