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Thread: need help with some coil springs

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    need help with some coil springs

    hey im a little stumped right now im trying to restore my 87 shelby z i bought a couple weeks back the suspension was toast and ive got my hands on everything but some coil springs most suto part places carry replacements for everything but the shelby and the dealship tells me they cant get them cause they were discontinued bout 8 years ago . if anyone knows what i can put in there place or somewhere i can get some aftermarkets that would be great thankz

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    Re: need help with some coil springs

    FWDperformance can help you...or if you want some used ones, I have some.
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    Re: need help with some coil springs

    unless you are running super stiff springs in the front, i'd sugjest hef-t coils in the rear. the Moog/TRW CC709 has the highest spring rate (275#) and weight capacity...more than even the CC705's for some year dynastys. on my k wagon the ride height dropped ever so slightly, but suprisingly on my much heavier 89 spirit es, the ride height increased. be a great way to solve that sagging back end and even things out if you are running stock front springs. they only cost about $80 and are available through the local Napa or whatever (they will have their own part number equivalent).

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