So I am building an engine for my 89 Spirit, 2.5 Turbo. I've found a 1991 Shadow ES convertible that seems to me would be a great car to put my 2.5 in instead of the Spirit. My only qualms are in the electronics department. Fairly new to TD stuff, this Spirit (or will it turn into a Shadow?) is my first build.

As I see it my options are thus:

1. Put my turbo engine and trans into the Shadow, keep the Spirit SMEC and engine wiring, figure out how to connect into the body wiring on the Shadow. Really hoping I can make this work, but I'm not sure what would change not having an SBEC. Not sure from other things I've read if this Shadow is going to have a body module or something inside the car as well that would go crazy if it didn't hear from an SBEC.
2. Put engine and trans in Shadow, make the N/A SBEC work with my engine. Obviously it's not currently set up for four injectors (I think). Don't know if it has provision for that though and would just need wires + tuning?
3. Other suggestions from those wiser than myself in these ways?

I'm having a hard time finding posts on this, and most I do find are quite old, not sure if advancements have been made since then.

I have an MPFlash SMEC module I already bought for the Spirit engine controller, would like to use it but this is a project car, a little extra money for an SBEC module from them isn't out of the question if necessary.

Criticism, comments, all is welcome. Glad to be a part of this community and looking forward to hear from you all.

Thanks in advance.