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Thread: Unexpected ECU behavour

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    Unexpected ECU behavour

    Oh here is a weird one. I have several ECU that trigger the ASD code under heavy boost including fuel like cutoff. At 10-15 psi only under WOT

    Finally found one today that does not.

    I have a theory, during WOT the battery voltage drops and causes the error so maybe a weak ASD driver circuit. I will check over the winter season

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    Re: Unexpected ECU behavour

    That would be my guess too. The fan kicking on in CSX 497 will draw enough current to dim the head lights quite a bit at low rpm but high enough boost to trigger the fan. I get strange CEL situations in that car under certain boost conditions, but no stored codes.

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    Re: Unexpected ECU behavour

    a few years back in the summit or jegs catalog I found constant voltage power supply boxes for fuel pumps (race car) and one for / or an upgraded one that did both fuel pump and ignition..

    6-7 hundred bucks .. ouch.. but one for automotive ecu's would make sense

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