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Thread: 86 glh t2 A520 350 grinding second gear

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    86 glh t2 A520 350 grinding second gear

    Dont know too much about the transmission options. Im assuming there is no quick fix for this.
    I shift into 2nd and it grinds started all of a sudden.
    What are my options here.
    - Just get the second gear synchro fixed?
    - Get whole tranny rebuilt?
    - Get a 520/555 hybrid?
    - Other tranny options?
    - get an auto?

    I drive it on the street in the summer and race it occasionally 1/4 mile and slalom stuff.
    - Super 60 kit basically at 18 psi.
    - If purchasing a rebuild... from who and where?
    - If rebuilding my current one.... know of anyone close by? Vancouver BC Canada area.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: 86 glh t2 A520 350 grinding second gear

    The first place I would look is the brackets that hold the shift cables. The c-shaped clip that holds the cables in place can come out of the groove on the portion of the cable that feeds through the bracket. This recently happened to my car. The fix was to secure the clips in the groove with cable ties.
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    Re: 86 glh t2 A520 350 grinding second gear

    If it's not something simple like the cables, or shifter adjustment, I would pull the whole thing and rebuild it. You can do it yourself, or you can have someone else do it. I know there are a couple of people in the community who do it.

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    Re: 86 glh t2 A520 350 grinding second gear

    As a reminder, shift quality is very dependent on oil viscosity. Unfortunately, even the brand of oil can make a difference in shift quality. Many years ago, I tried many different oils with limited success but several were terrible. Jackson suggest Mobil Super 5000 ( renamed Mobil 1000 in Canada) which worked very well over the years.

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    Re: 86 glh t2 A520 350 grinding second gear

    where the cables attach above the diff.. there is a z shaped bracket attached to the end of the rod that does the shifting in the trans.. make sure that little z bracket is still bolted tight on the shaft.. if lose and flopping around it causes issues

    here in toronto I have a brand new transmission.. 528/568 style..but not either
    it's the euro delivery van version..with a 3:70 first gear and a 4"08 final drive ratio

    new not rebuilt..never been in vehicle..nos in crate
    I have 3000 cdn invested in the trans and 400 usd in the shipping..
    I also have a set of Lengal's bronze fork pads too
    also have new in box quafie for it..
    for 5K or offer(?) + shipping ..i'd toss in the nos shifter cables and a 92 daytona shifter n a neon shifter

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