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Thread: Clean Turbo Mopar Wanted

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    Clean Turbo Mopar Wanted

    Found a car, thanks!!

    16th August 2023
    Username: newmember

    Description: Looking for a clean Turbo Mopar. Rust free is the main thing, an original paint/original owner would be best case scenario. CSXís, Lancerís, Daytonaís, Spiritís, etc. Have owned a variety of these over the years, have the itch for another. Thanks!

    Be very descriptive and accurate of the items to be sold or those wanted.

    For those selling, a photo showing the items you have for sale/trade needs to have a piece of paper with your username and date included in the photo.

    The above details are not optional. This is to protect buyers... just put yourself in their shoes.
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    Re: Clean Turbo Mopar Wanted

    Whatís your price range ?

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