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Thread: Builtproof I tell ya !!

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    Builtproof I tell ya !!

    So for those that didn't hear
    On the way to SDAC32 in my '95 Cummins 3500 4x4 dually with the work box on the back I couldn't really see my Shelby Charger on the dolly
    Well 6hrs in I pulled over for fuel , got out , and the Charger was shining under the gas station lights
    the tow dolly, rear truck bumper and my frame rails were dripping diesel fuel EVERYWHERE !!!
    late at night and over 2/3rds the way to SDAC I topped off the truck and pressed on , not seeing where the fuel was leaking from

    2.5 hrs later I'm on a 1/4 tank of fuel already , 8mpg
    I turn off the highway and notice when the truck comes to an idle , I have no oil pressure anymore yikes !
    Top off the diesel , check the oil , dipstick is clean as can be , can't tell what the level is at
    Turns out the diesel fuel is pumping into the crankcase and diluting the oil , now the downdraft tube is steaming like a LOCO
    I dump 2 gallons of oil in trying to get some viscosity back in the pan and press on.

    Make to SDAC, clean and rested , Wallace drags me to car show before diving into the truck
    I've got it my head that it gotta be the Injection Pump
    chatting with him and others we're hoping it's the lift pump
    (I did mod the fuel pressure recently and the pump was practically new though reman/partstore)

    got back , unbolted the lift pump with the lines on
    used the manual primer to pressurize the system and it's squirting fuel out the pushrod WHEW

    Damian gave me a ride to the store , got everything I needed
    parking lot swap with support form the Del-Val crew
    oil change and everything is back the way it was after a gallon of Simple Green and boatload of quarters

    truck made it back the 9 hr drive home
    up and back towing to Chryslers at Carlisle
    and everyday for work since SDAC

    luckily the diesel fuel has some lubricity to it
    just surprised the pressure was enough to overcome not having the normal 15-40w viscosity
    even the turbo seems fine

    I saved the oil filter and will have to cut it open when I get some free time but there was basically nothing in the pan when I changer the oil errrrr... diesel
    10's AGAIN '07, '08, '09
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    Re: Builtproof I tell ya !!

    They are desirable for a reason. If I buy a truck it will most likely be a Shelby Dakota or a Dodge with the Cummins in it. My father has a 91 which is unstoppable.

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    Re: Builtproof I tell ya !!

    ^^Stick with older model Cummins for sure...probably anything 2000 and older!!!IF my 96 was an extended cab I would have fixed the body panels again and be driving it!!But living in salt belt is not I sold it for 5500.00 with ~300,000 and it still ran FLAWLESSLY and would tow 25,0000GVW IN O.D! Being MOPAR guys....just stating the obvious!

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