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Thread: 2.4 NA intake choices

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    2.4 NA intake choices

    I know this is a turbo area but I致e not been able to find a 2.4 NA area so I知 gonna ask here. I知 looking for information on 2.4 intake manifold options. I知 putting a 2.4 in a L body road race car. It was a 2.0 DOHC and it痴 time to go 2.4.
    The 2.4 I知 getting is from a wrecked 02 Sebring with 82k miles. I知 wondering if there is any one better intake over the other? Or should I unbolt the Sebring intake and use the one off the 98 RT DOHC?

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    Re: 2.4 NA intake choices

    not sure if sohc will fit on dohc,

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    Re: 2.4 NA intake choices

    the factory 2.4 intake has long runners for torque, I bet a 2.0 dohc intake with a plenum spacer would move the power up some.


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