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Thread: 1989 Turbo Caravan 5-SPD

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    1989 Turbo Caravan 5-SPD

    Date: 30th December 2022
    Username: Lee'sdaytona
    Full Name: Lee Friedman
    City, State, Zip: Ewing NJ 08638
    Contact: or PM me for my cell number to call or text.
    Selling or Wanted Price: $1500

    Well, I have decided to part with my beloved 89 Turbo van. I bought this van in 2006, with 107,000 miles on the clock, and a blown head gasket. Brought it home to find it wasn't just a blown head gasket, but piston 4 melted and a hole the size of a quarter blew through the piston. So, I quickly learned how to replace the piston, and re-ring them all, and new connecting rod bearings.
    I then converted it to a stick, using a 520 transmission out of my first daytona. Over the years, it has given me fairly trouble free service, considering its age. I have replaced the head gasket three times, the last one being in 2019.
    Clean and clear NJ title
    The transmission was rebuilt by Ed, within the past 5 years, new clutch and pressure plate at that time.
    New head gasket in 2019
    This past fall, new rear leaf springs
    This past November, new SMEC
    Tires have a lot of tread on them
    Brakes are good
    Engine runs well
    Car drives well.
    Air conditioning blows cold with a newer compressor converted to 134a (even in the summer time!! hahah)
    Heater core was replaced within the past 8 years
    New Axles within the past couple of years
    New Starter within the past two years.
    Most brake lines have been replaced with Nicop lines.
    Grainger valve, I have always kept set to 5psi, because this was my daily driver, and I never pushed it too hard.
    Headliner perfect/ I replaced back in 2006
    Turbo is good, Garrett, its a Turbos Unleashed rebuild from 2003/2004 there about, initially installed on my 87 daytona. I moved it to this van when I bought it in 06.
    All lights, turn signals, wipers, horn work as they should.
    Newer timing belt

    The Bad:
    It has 240,000 miles on the clock
    Rust on the body by the driver and passenger wheel well
    Rust on the hatch back
    Oil leaks from the oil pressure sender area
    Cruise control is disabled due to the manual transmission swap. The Neutral Safety Switch had to be grounded to the transmission, to make the computer think the car is always in "PARK" to start. But cruise will not work in PARK. This can be fixed by installing a clutch switch to that grounded wire. I never bothered and never missed cruise.
    The hatch back is held open with a prop rod, not because the struts are bad, but the mounting bolt to the frame broke out of the sheet metal. I have a Mopar Performance wood stick to prop up the gate.
    Ugly Toyota hub caps over top the original caravan steel wheels.

    The above details are not optional. This is to protect buyers... just put yourself in their shoes.
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    Re: 1989 Turbo Caravan 5-SPD

    Epic deal mate, that's awesome. If I was in the right place financially I'd be all over this!! Miss my van. glws!

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