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Thread: L-Body Drums - Where can you buy them?

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    L-Body Drums - Where can you buy them?

    Hi Team, Looking for help with my 1987 Dodge Shelby GLHS. Where do you buy new rear drums that has the wheel bearings section? Question, does the center section press out of the drum as all I see and have received from Rock Auto are drums with no center section. Do I press that center section out and onto the new drum?
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    Re: L-Body Drums - Where can you buy them?

    Yes the drum and hub separate. I have used a block of wood and a small sledge. May have to use some heat...

    You can also just buy a new hub as well...

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    Re: L-Body Drums - Where can you buy them?

    Yep. They're not a press fit, but rust has other ideas.

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