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Thread: 89 csx vnt #261

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    89 csx vnt #261

    SOLD!!!! SOLD!!!! SOLD!!!!

    12th September 2022
    Username: ahitze1
    Full Name: Anthony Hitze
    City, State, Zip: 47909
    Selling or Wanted Price: $8500


    89 CSX #261 103,000miles

    History:First owner had it till Ď92 and put the first 52,000 miles on it. I bought itfrom the second owner with 102,000 miles. 2nd owner claims to have garage keptit the whole time they owned it up in Wisconsin. Underside of the car is veryclean.

    2ndowner recently did new axles, new rubber brake lines all around, new brake padsall around and new front brake disks.

    Maintenance:Iíve replaced the rear shocks with KYB Gas-A-Just shocks and also replaced thefront struts with KYB Excel-G struts with new strut mounts. Put new Autolite 63spark plugs in, new outer door Fairchild window sweeps, and recently changedthe oil with Mobile 1. Front wheel bearings are also new.

    Wheelsare 17x7.5 Subaru BRZ Performance Pack wheels with Firestone Firehawk A/Stires. Tires have decent tread but are a little noisy.

    Frontair dam is a new Kaminari piece, car had the incorrect one on it when I got it.The hood is a new aftermarket ďturboĒ hood wrapped in 3M vinyl. NewSpirit/Lebaron clear front turn signal housings. I did a custom air intake withK&N filter and added a Mitsubishi Eclipse blow off valve. I have theoriginal hood/fiberide wheels/air box/turn signal housings. The fiberides arein decent shape with new Falken tires. I also still have the original Monroe GPfront struts if they are wanted.

    Thedecals have been replace with a silver set from Positive Impressions. The goldpin striping in the moldings has been replaced with red. Both could easily beswitched back to the gold.

    KnownIssues: Parking brake does not work, havenít looked into it. Rear hatch hassome rust, I have new decals for the hatch to put on if/when the rust is fixed.Only other rust is the vin tag on the core support for some reason. There aresome minor dents in the drivers quarter, a PDR guy could easily get them out.Most likely is due for a timing belt/water pump job. Power steering pump justrecently developed a leak, looks to be at the shaft. Steering rack also has aleak at the input shaft where the column coupler is. I have a new renamedsteering pump that will be included. AC has been converted to r134, it worksok. The lifters rattle on cold starts for only a fraction of a second after thecar has sat for awhile. And the catalytic converter rattles, almost sounds likethe brick inside is loose/broke. Steering wheel has the typical wear and rearhatch shelf is tweaked. Trying to be as thorough as possible.

    Overallthe car shows very well. Iíve spent the past month bringing life back into thepaint and restoring all the black trim. The interior is very clean. Engine runssuper strong, VNT works great with no overboost issues. No grinds or pop outsfrom the trans, clutch grabs great. The car could easily be put back to factoryspecs if desired. Only selling due to the possibly having an opportunity to buyback a car I used to own. Asking $8500 OR BEST OFFER. Located in Lafayette, IN

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