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Thread: tuning questions

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    tuning questions

    hey guys!!!

    I Finally reached a point where i can get serious about tuning my ride. (90 forged 2.5 BVH, simon60cam, ported 2peice)

    A couple questions though

    1. Base cal selection. The actual car is a vnt daytona, so vnt electronics. Should i be using the 2.2 vnt cal and match the 2.5 timing and fuel (im thinking i need vnt cal for computer controlled boost and rpm limit)

    2. i setup a testing cal (4.1 sbec 2.5 booststage2 matched lines set rpm limit to 3k), logged some full throttle data (drag brakes 2nd gear)

    I excitedly entered the data to tune the pump eff table but the line is at 100%.....

    So... as best practice should i be playing with the 'fcrcvb' <because of big mods> or upping fuel on the wotbl?
    then play with the pumpeff


    ps. rpm limiter didn't work. spark flag checked

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    Re: tuning questions

    i think i get the full throttle fueling.
    with the car warmed up curve b and 'curve b factor' go to 1

    Full throttle fuel = wottbl x pumeff x curveb x "curve b factor" so my full fuel pw is
    16.1 x .867 x 1 x 1 = 13.96

    so i can add a constant percentage of fuel with the curve b factor outside of what the wottbl is doing.... so i can set wottbl at the afr guidelines and add %20 more fuel like this

    16.1 x .867 x 1 x 1.2 = 16.75

    or i can just add 20% to the wottbl and leave curve b alone

    19.32 x .867 x 1 x 1 = 16.75

    so in my case the data i collected wants the pump at 100%... i can add 13% (100% - 86.7%) either the wottbl or curve b factor...... then collect more data.

    am i out to lunch on this?

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    Re: tuning questions


    CurveA, B and C are warmup enrichment's. they aren't for globally adding fuel

    if you are tuning pumping efficiency and you are getting to 100% in that table (most likely at the torque peak), then you should do 1 of 2 things...

    You can either scale FuelBaselineFromMap, FuelFullThrottle and FullPartThrottle up a bit and back down the Pumping Efficiency table down some and retune.


    You can rescale for injectors to a smaller injector size (more pulsewidth) and then back down the PumpingEfficiency and retune.

    If you are running 52's, scale for 50 and try again.

    whats your fuel pressure?


    Quote Originally Posted by turbovanman
    This one is easy, I have myself to blame, I rush things, don't pay attention to gauges when I should, change to much stuff at once then expect miracles, the list is endless.

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