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Thread: Difficult Ignition Cutout Problem

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    Re: Difficult Ignition Cutout Problem

    Thanks guys. I put it all back together today and cleaned it up. It's really a very decent looking year round car in my opinion.

    As for the crimp tool I used, it is the following:

    I bought it because the HP Academy guys on youtube suggested it was the only way to go for a durable open barrel splice tool. It's apparently made to do the metripack series of terminals, but I found doubling up with this tool made it very decent for the LM terminals.

    The Logic Module terminals I used were part number: 08-50-0023. They say they're for 18-22ga wire. I would agree with that, but the insulation on the stock wiring is a tight fit at the back. Especially for the two ground wires which go to the intake manifold. In all, the crimp tool with these terminals produced some very professional looking results, even if it took a while.

    I'll add that I used my Paladin wire stripper, which helped to make quick work of that portion of the process.

    I believe Kniepex makes one of this style now, and it's in the same price range if you can catch it on sale.

    Thanks again to everyone for all of the help through this process. I couldn't have done it without you guys.

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    Re: Difficult Ignition Cutout Problem

    Thanks for the PN and links! I hope the car is enjoyable for years to come.


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