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Thread: Shelby Steering Wheel

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    3 and 4 Spoke Shelby Steering Wheels - Updated

    Date: 30th July 2022
    Username: Rod Enis
    Full Name:
    City, State, Zip: 94605, Bay Area
    Contact: On posting or PM is fine.
    Price: $200

    (2) Shelby steering wheels for sale at $200, plus shipping.

    The 4 spoke says "
    Carrol Shelby."

    The 3 spoke says "
    Shelby." - Sale pending.

    Pictures available, just can't post.

    The sale includes FWDPerformance steering wheel extension adapter for L-body cars. Only 1 adapter available.

    PM me your email and I'll send you the pictures.

    I was going to use it on my SC TII, but I'm getting it ready for auction.

    All other SC items coming soon.


    A photo showing the items you have for sale/trade needs to have a piece of paper with your username and date included in the photo.

    The above details are not optional. This is to protect buyers... just put yourself in their shoes.
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