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Thread: 1986 Chrysler Town & Country Woody Wagon Turbo II Motor is Out

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    1986 Chrysler Town & Country Woody Wagon Turbo II Motor is Out

    Date: 26th July 2022
    Username: trbowgn
    Full Name: Kyle Oberlee
    City, State, Zip: 49008
    Contact: 269-744-5260 Text
    Selling or Wanted Price: $2,000 OBO


    86 Chrysler Town & Country Woody Wagon 2.2 TII w/3-speed auto 77,000 miles. Lots of new parts and go-fast goodies.
    Motor and Transmission are out of the car. The transmission was rebuilt by Joe Foy in Kalamazoo with a shift kit and as much beefing up as he could do. The motor was rebuilt 5 years ago. The rebuild included turning the crank .020 under, having the block hot tanked and honed new factory pistons and rings, and all new bearings with clearance checks done by the machine shop. The engine was running strong when the transmission blew. Was running high 13-quarter mile times on low boost. It sat for some time and trans was rebuilt in 2020. I just do not have time to get it all put back together. Floors are solid but rockers are rusty, front driverís fender is damaged. All the power options work including the power front bench and windows.
    -Converted to TII with overlay harness.
    Parts that go with the car:
    -New Innovative wideband Air Fuel Gauge with 4 wire Bosch O2 sensor, connector, and weld-on bung.
    -Used +40 Super 60 injectors PN P4532586
    -New +20 Injectors PN P4529495, the box got wet that they were in but the injectors are fine.
    -RC Racing injectors PN D1680AA PL2M-370
    -2 sets of PN 4418258 Injectors (stock TII?)
    -New Fidanza square tooth adjustable cam gear
    -2 New Accufab adjustable fuel pressure regulators plus a homemade adjustable fuel pressure regulator and a Paxton adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
    -New Walboro 255 LPH fuel pump kit.
    -New Turbos Unleashed braided SS oil and coolant lines for turbo
    -New Prosport 30 PSI boost gauge with peak hold.
    -New 8K RPM Tach
    -Stock TII turbo worked good when pulled during trans removal
    -Ported TII turbo with I believe a bigger wheel, passed on from a friend and was on a 12-second Omni. I planned to use this turbo to put the car back together. It is heavily ported and looks good.
    -2 4 bolt underdrive pulleys with Forward Motion instructions and belt sizes.
    -Polybushings engine mounts used for 2k miles tops.
    -New Polybushings dog bone and mount for a manual car.
    -3 intercoolers Indy intercooler PN P4532552, Shelby intercooler 15/CS1012, and Supra intercooler front mounted in the car.
    -New Intellitronix electronic fuel pressure sending unit TH-8434
    -Straight exhaust with Magnaflow straight muffler.
    -3 heads 2 with everything 1 is bare.
    -8 different logic modules PN R5227808 85-87 TII under hood module, P4532329 87 TII Mopar Performance LM that has been socketed, 86 stock TI, P4532327 Mopar performance for 86 TI, 2 P5227253, 1 P5227535, and a Relentless Performance LM that is in the car.
    -Multiple e-prom chips that were passed on to me
    -TII radiator with intercooler mounts.
    -AC delete bracket with new Polybushings alternator mounts
    -Timing belt tensioner tool Miller C-4703-1
    -New water pump, power steering pump, power steering lines, head bolts, headset, exhaust donut, piston rings, oil, and coolant sending units, 2 oil filters, timing belt and tensioner, half shaft axles for both sides, 2 waste gate actuator clips.
    -New Oil catch can kit
    -Used HKS blowoff valve
    -There are tons of extra parts and almost everything needed to get the car back on the road. Bins of hardware. Extra hoses including intercooler and coolant lines.

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    KO, 86 T&C Turbo II 89 Daytona Shelby 84 Stingray SVB165SS

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    Re: 1986 Chrysler Town & Country Woody Wagon Turbo II Motor is Out

    Man, what a deal! Wish I was closer. Glws

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