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Thread: Where do I start on 1984 Daytona turbo NHRA Stock Eliminator transmission?

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    Where do I start on 1984 Daytona turbo NHRA Stock Eliminator transmission?

    I just hauled it home. It's a 1984 Turbo Daytona. I am going to run Stock eliminator. No sure which transmission is in this car. I will be doing a dramatic about of changes to engine within the Strick rules NHRA laid out. I will do a custom billet cam and try to raise rpm as much as possible. I am using a Holley Terminator ECM that will have individual cylinder timing and fuel control. I will have a Turbo Smart electronic wastegate that the ECM will control as well. turbo must remain stock size. I will be on engine dyno as well. So where do I start on transmission. What about extra clutches

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    Re: Where do I start on 1984 Daytona turbo NHRA Stock Eliminator transmission?

    Do you have to stick with original year block, crank, rods and transmission.

    I'm assuming yours is automatic??

    Early cars had a 6 bolt crank and matching 3 bolt converter.

    Later cars used an 8 bolt crank with matching 4 bolt converter.

    If you can run the 8 bolt crank the later trans were better.

    And more widely available with stronger axles.

    If not its best to learn about the differences.

    84-85 automatics were 413's but with a weaker diff.

    3 and 4 bolt converters aren't interchangeable.

    Just some stuff to know before sourcing parts.

    I know you have to stick with the 1984 head.

    1984-85 pistons are different than 1986 up due to the head.

    Many of us will be interested in your stocker project!!

    If you need a bell housing for the dyno I have one.

    Dakota trucks had a RWD version of the 2.2 with a separate bell.


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