Date: 08th June 2022
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Mopar Part Catalogs - Google Drive

06-09 actually goes to 2012
1981-96 is Jeep and Truck
The rest of the Jeep and Truck would be under the other year ranges
I have this downloaded on my computer from a disc I got years ago from a dealership
It works super quick unlike this version I am posting as it was loaded off the disc directly to my computer.
You can whip through this if you know what GROUP number you are looking for.
Example: Group 23 is Body which includes exterior moldings, sheet metal, or Group 8 which is Electrical....etc.
I believe after 2012 all the parts books came into the dealership via computer and as far as I know there is no
way to access that info unless you were in the parts department.
Any rants or questions let me know