Date: 18th May 2022
Username: Jackrabbit
Full Name: Wade
City, State, Zip: Denver, CO
Contact: wade308 @ comcast dot net
Selling or Wanted Price: $5,000

Description: Completely rebuilt from top to bottom. Unless noted, most was done about 8-10 years ago. I reset the trip odometer when I rebuilt the motor, and it's rolled once so all parts below have 1,035 or less miles on them. Runs like a champ. No leaks.

Engine: Rebuilt 2.2 with baffled oil pan, shot peened and reconditioned T2 rods .020 Veniola over bore pistons. ARP hardware, new everything. A/C delete bracket, all new cooling, fuel and heating lines, hoses, etc. New timing components, water pump, everything you can think of. New motor mounts and bobble strut.

Suspension: Completely rebuilt including control arms with poly bushings, new rod ends, ball joints, struts, shocks, sway bar bushings, etc. Rebuilt brake calipers, new pads, brake lines and Centrix rotors.

Electrical: New battery (2 weeks ago) New plug wires. MSD ignition with 2-step and shift light. Mopar Stage 2 flash. NOS fuel injector harness. New ground wire kit.

Fuel: New injectors, new pump and filter (2 weeks ago), new soft lines.

Exhaust: 2.5” turbo back with catalytic convertor muffler delete but comes with Magnalflow muffler.

Body: Straight, never wrecked. Stripped interior. Rust on driver’s side floor board and spare tire well. Moon roof. Flat black Rustoleum paint.

Misc.: Momo steering wheel (have Shelby original as well, but in bad shape). Completely gutted. Spoiler removed (but have a red replacement) Corbeau seats on custom sliders. Hella Rally lights. Aftermarket BOV. SRT-4 boost gauge (OEM works also) and Autometer CF oil pressure gauge. A555 transmission, new shift cable. Sparco harness bar.
Extra, extra, extras: Original wheels, plus 17” Konigs, and 15” Rotas with rally tires. Completely built 2.5 motor with stand. Tons of extra turbo Mopar parts.

Needs: Floor pan rust repair. Paint. Likes to stall at stops until warmed up. Something draining the battery when parked, so I'd redo all the 2-step/shift light wiring probably. Seats are fading. Rear window tint needs redo. One of the Centurions is bent/cracked (pictured).

Forgetting a lot I'm sure. I seem to recall there being around $7,000 worth of parts in the car, not including all the extras on the shelf or the built 2.5 motor.