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Thread: L Body top strut hat camber issue

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    L Body top strut hat camber issue

    Trying to get more camber in my L body 24 hours of lemons car. I bought the car with raceland coils overs that use the stock hats. The mounting holes for the top bolts have been slotted and the hat will slide all the way to the inside of the strut tower. Is it possible to shave maybe a 1/4 inch off the inside of the hat to allow it to slide closer to the inside of the strut tower? Your thoughts?
    Also, I know there are better coilover options out there but this is a budget race car running in a budget series and if I went top of the line Id be assessed penalty laps.

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    Re: L Body top strut hat camber issue

    The actual bearing surface is a small dia relative to the total. They are also relatively cheap. I say try it out.

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    Re: L Body top strut hat camber issue

    Any mods to the strut tower too area, be sure to reinforce the hole. If my charger there was so much flex, you could hear it pop over every bump. Rich Bryant used to sell some rings that allows for enlarging the hole for the strut to clamp the stock metal between the camber plate and the metal ring.

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