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Thread: 2.4 Turbo in L-Body

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    2.4 Turbo in L-Body

    I have a chance to get a 03 PT automatic motor, plan on using a 555/520/523/568 combination. I realize I can keep the link setup w/ the 520/555 but if I go 523/568 I need the cable setup.

    1. Does matter if I have a automatic or manual ECU?
    2. Is there a way to eliminate the SKIM also? I don't want to have to add extra wiring in for the key and ring.
    3. Would it be better if I just went with a Microsquirt setup? I have no issue doing full harness rewire, as I did the same thing when I did my LS into my TJ three years ago.
    4. Motor mounts - I could not find a clear answer, can I use the adapter from Modern Performance with the Stratus mount for the passenger side? Which Stratus mount do I need to search for?
    5. The L-Body bay is pretty narrow, if I read correct, I can use a Gen1 Neon intake to make the intake work?
    6. Any other details I am missing?

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    Re: 2.4 Turbo in L-Body

    cool. Welcome.

    1. if you stick with the stock SRT ecu youll need some kind of tuning solution to reflash the ecu. you may be able to flash the ecu to be a manual ecu or turn all the extra stuff off that you dont need. not sure on the details.
    2. Not sure if you can bypass the skim with tuning software. I know some stock ecu's you can disable the immobilizer but not sure with the SRT ecu. may be a question for srt based discussion groups.
    3. not a bad choice. cheaper than flashing the stock ecu overall i would think. less knock retard safety net unless you dial all that stuff in but the factory SRT knock retard is pretty good.
    4. i thought that the stock SRT mount bracket on the side of the motor had a hole in it that a nut fit pretty well into that lined up with the bolt hole for the factory motor mount insert. not sure as it has been a long time.
    5. if it bolts up and clears, sure.
    6. im sure there will be all kinds of details that you will have to work through. there are enough srt-4 swaps on here that you should be able to find some answers. I have an SRT engine in my garage if i ever pop the 2.5 in my reliant.


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    Re: 2.4 Turbo in L-Body

    Mick, are you still around on this? I'm embarking on pretty much the exact same journey here. I just picked up an 03 automatic and looking to put into my L-Body. Would really like to chat with you if possible.

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