Date: 06th April 2022
Username: Will Martin
Full Name: Will Martin
City, State, Zip: Fairfield, CA, 94533
Selling or Wanted Price: FREE

Description: Hey gang, long time. Been out of the scene for years, not coming back. Got a NON RUNNING 1992 Daytona IROC RT for FREE that I'd like to see someone put into use. I imported it from Canada when I returned to the U.S. from my diplomatic assignment but never registered it. I wanted to do some things with it but my life went in a different direction and I lost interest.

It's missing the following: engine, trans, suspension. Will need a new engine wiring harness. Clear coat is flaking off.

Still has shifter and cables. All glass is good. Comes with aftermarket wheels and tires. Still has front mount intercooler and HID lights. Has been sitting in the same spot for <gulp> 11 years. Don't want anything for it, just want it to go to someone that'll make use of it. The only stipulation for it being free is it must be gone within the next two weeks. If not, I'm sending it to the wrecker.

Please email me at, no PMs.

I have tons of miscellaneous TD parts laying around I need to clear out as well.

I'm sorry ADMIN, I'm at work and don't have my user name on a sheet of paper with the car, but I can provide one later if that's okay. Hopefully the link for pics work.