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Thread: Armored(!) '95 LeBaron Sedan 2.5 T2

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    Armored(!) '95 LeBaron Sedan 2.5 T2

    OK, this has got to be a one-of-none. Mexican 1995 LeBaron sedan, 2.5 Turbo II, with bulletproof "Level 3" armor.

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    Re: Armored(!) '95 LeBaron Sedan 2.5 T2

    Those poor door hinges... Wonder if they got reinforced as part of the 'up armor' package.
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    Re: Armored(!) '95 LeBaron Sedan 2.5 T2

    I was actually just wondering if I'd hear of one of these pop up ever again. I've seen mentioned twice before about bullet proof Chrysler Saratoga's that Interpol used in Europe. This is the first time I've ever seen one. Pretty neat.

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