I'm in possession of both a TE04H and a T1 Garrett. I'm looking to rebuild and upgrade one, for street use only and have all the supporting mods for 300 whp. I want quick spool and a fat usable rpm range.

So my dumb question is, can a GT 2871R compressor wheel and housing be mated to the old school Garret CHRA? I've "heard" of people doing this but can't find any material on it. I may have also completely misinterpreted the statement. Alternatively I was thinking the s-60 route if the Garret was my choice.

Now possibly a dumber question/idea is regarding the mitsu. Most people just use them as door stops, but I was considering building one. The dodge stealth guys are making great power with a TD04HL-19t and describe the turbo as living in boost. Lag is a legend they joke about. A -19t compressor housing and billet wheel are bolt on to the old mitsu, and cheaper than a decent Garret housing alone (the mitsu -19t has anti-surge porting too at that price point). The turbine housings are super close, the TE04H (stock mitsu) turbine and the TD04HL turbine (the larger mitsu typically mated to a -19t compressor) only differs at the exducer of about 0.063". It seems pretty simple to machine it out (priced at <$100 locally) and swap on the bigger compressor combo and turbine wheel using the stock turbine housing and the rest. The compressor map for a TD04HL-19T looks damn near identical to a S60 T3 but fatter on the prime efficiency island.

I priced it out and it seems I can do this mitsu experiment for about half as much as a conversion to a T1 Garrett or similar with similar performance, but it feels against the grain. (Did I mention I'm plumbed up and using the stock mitsu right now?) I should also mention parts for the TD04/TE04 seem WAY more plentiful and even quite a few options for turbine housings if I wanted a different waste gate or down pipe setup. (Saab and Volvo internal WG in particular)

I also did a spread sheet comparing multiple turbos and using identical parameters (like a static assumed VE and same PR at a few data points) and the TE04HL-19t franken-turbo theoretically performed better than the S60 and TO4E "S" trim (obviously using the TD04HL-19T compressor map). I will admit there will undoubtedly be error in my spread sheet, but I think the error is uniform across them all. Comparing them to each other seems right to me....

Any thoughts? Is this turbo heresy?

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