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Thread: 83 Shelby Charger carb upgrade - need electric fuel pump?

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    83 Shelby Charger carb upgrade - need electric fuel pump?

    Like the title says... Upgrading from the stock Holley to a Weber 32/36 DFEV and from what I've read, it seems like the stock mechanical fuel pump may put out too much pressure for the Weber.

    1. Is that true? If so I'll get an electric fuel pump and upgrade that.

    2. Does my car have any sort of ASD relay or something similar to wire into, or will I need to wire up my own setup, given it has no electric fuel pump from the factory? Having trouble finding it in the wiring diagrams on AllData, but then what I can find doesn't seem very complete.

    Thanks a lot! And I know it's not turbo, but hey, I've got a project 89 Spirit too with a 2.5 Turbo that will hopefully soon be getting started on... Hope to have fun with that. : )
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