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Thread: 1988 Lebaron Conv 2.2 turbo1 auto no boost, won't rev high

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    1988 Lebaron Conv 2.2 turbo1 auto no boost, won't rev high

    Hey All, been very busy after moving and haven't been on much. Made some new friends after moving, one of which has a small basket case to fix. He is not web savy so am helping with this.

    Made a new friend up here with a 88 lebaron t-1 auto car. he bought it sight unseen and from what I can gather the head gasket had been replaced before he bought it, they butchered the vac harness badly. Map sensor had no connection to anything for example, car barley ran. Since fixing all the vac lines the car now starts and runs with what seems like normal idle.

    Car however will not make any power, does not boost at all, even floored car will not go over about 3K rpms and no boost at all. Car sets no codes, just 12 and 55.

    Saw some records of car on carfax, was a california car and had failed emissions repeatedly for many many years. I suspect that due to the vac lines and failed emission tests, I suspect that cat is clogged ,very badly.

    AM I on the right path?

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    Re: 1988 Lebaron Conv 2.2 turbo1 auto no boost, won't rev high

    Iím thinking that or cam timing way off.

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    Re: 1988 Lebaron Conv 2.2 turbo1 auto no boost, won't rev high

    Have you inspected and actuated the WG arm/can? Is it working? Do you have a lil Mightyvac pump you can test it with?

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