Date: 13th September 2021
Username: martin kolner
Full Name:
City, State, Zip:
Tempe AZ 85282

T-top doors: one left and 2 rights /glass, motor and regulator 50.00 each
Right door /glass and regulator 1984-89 50.00
Right quarter panel 1984-86 Daytona 50.00 NOS
Right fender 2 NOS 35.00 each one used 15.00
Rear Fascia 2 NOS 1987-91 Daytona 75.00
Front Fascia 1987-91 Daytona NOS 100.00 2 used 40.00 each
Front Fascia 1984-86 G Body used 50.00
Front Fascia 1992-93 Daytona used 50.00

I am not going to ship these. You come and haul it away.

I am in Tempe AZ part of the Phoenix urban sprawl from hell.

All used parts came from wrecking yards here and there is no rust.