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Thread: 88 lancer shelby code 51 troubleshooting.

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    88 lancer shelby code 51 troubleshooting.

    Working thru this 88 lancer shelby that i just aquired. The old plug to the oxygen sensor had exposed wires so i replaced it with a new pigtail. Made a diagram of the old plug before crimping in the new. But i still have code 51 currently. I need a pinout diagram for the plug to make sure i didnt botch that up. From lookin at mini mopar page i traced the one wire to the smec and have continuitybut would like to verify location in the plug. The other two wires i have continuity to ground and im pretty sure i shouldn't have that since one wire should be the power Feed too the oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor has 3 wires 2 white and one black. I have 20 ohms between the 2 white wires and nothing from the black wire to ground or too the white wires. Since i need diagrams i also looked into the fuel side since that was on minimopar also. Slightly over 55 base pressure with the vac line disconnect to the reg. Roughly 45pso at idle with vac line connected. And at 10lbs of boost a little over 65psi so all seems good there. Can someone point me in the directions of diagrams and more troubleshooting info. That would be fantastic thanks guys

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    Re: 88 lancer shelby code 51 troubleshooting.

    Little update. Pulled plugs all 4 are pretty white so its definitely lean.

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