Date: 02nd August 2021
Username: BoostCreep70
Full Name:Todd S.
City, State, Zip:Homewood, IL.
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Hello Everybody!

My intention was to use this steering on my 1989 LeBaron GTC convertible... However '91 and up steering wheels do not work on an '89 Airbag setup. The shape of the original airbag did not match the shape of the airbags that came in the '91 and up G-Body cars, so I'm hoping somebody here can use this wheel... It is in MINT condition! OEM part number is: WM17JXX (Black, '91 and up G Body). I'm going to assume that this would apply to a 91 and up J body ( LeBaron) as well but I cannot confirm that. It definitely applies to the cars with the updated dashboard.

It appears I am either totally computer illiterate or I am unable to post pictures on here directly from my gallery on my phone, so if you're interested in seeing the item I'll be happy to send it to you just or send me a private message with an email address and I can get it to you! If there's someone out there that knows how to attach photos directly from the gallery on my phone please by all means tell me where the it is on these icons when you're writing this ad, but maybe I'm just I'm too new here and I don't have the access yet?😏- Thanks, -BoostCreep70
Please message me here if you're interested. Thank you!
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