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Thread: Regulating vacuum

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    Regulating vacuum

    Ok, so.... Iím restoring the dash and heater box on my 70 barracuda and I want to test all the functions of the A/C heater box. FSM says to apply 8 psi of vacuum to the switch to test functionality of the doors and switch.
    Iíd like to use a A/C vacuum pump to provide a steady source of vacuum as the dash and heater box are in my basement. Is there a way that I can regulate the vacuum so it doesnít suck the diaphragms out of my 51 year old vacuum actuators?
    Hoping someone here has an idea.

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    Re: Regulating vacuum

    Do you have a Mytivac?
    If not you will need to create a huge bleed for your pump
    using a adjustable needle valve or similar

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    Re: Regulating vacuum

    You can actually use a Grainger valve for this.
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