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Thread: 89 Daytona Shelby

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    89 Daytona Shelby

    Date: 11th July 2021
    Username: csracer
    Full Name: Chris Still
    City, State, Zip: Troy, MI 48098
    Selling or Wanted Price: SOLD

    Meticulously prepared and setup as a track day/road course car. I have owned this car since 1998 an it has always been garaged since I have owned it. It has been a 2-decade evolution with many tasteful mods focusing on a balance of Power, suspension, cooling and overal endurance/durability. Multiple time SDAC car show winner in the G-body class. The car has a beautiful re-paint in the factory Flash Red with Charcoal ground effects. The engine was rebuilt in 2008, approximately 4000 miles ago. It is essentially a "Super 60" based build and at 18 PSI should be in the 300 HP range at the crank. Since the engine rebuild it has had very light use and only tracked once. In 2009 I converted it to Megasquirt engine management sytem and I have extensive documentation of the build. Full specs and details are below.

    o Body is rust free with a beautiful re-paint in the factory Flash Red with Charcoal ground effects
    o Currently has a Shelby Composite Designs Fiberglass bulge hood installed that uses the stock latch and hinges without the springs.
    o Also included is the factory steel bulge hood in perfect condition, re-painted in the same beautiful Flash Red Paint as the rest of the body

    o Engine 88 Turbo II block, forged 2.2 crank, Turbo II rods with polished beams, Ross Racing forged pistons (.020 over), Ross Racing Rings, Balanced and Blueprinted, 8.5:1 compression ratio. This engine rebuild was done in 2008 with approximately 4k miles on the rebuild
    o Cylinder head - Big valve swirl head, ported and polished with valves un-shrouded. Port and polish work done by Ed Peters. 44mm intake valves, 38.6 mm exhaust valves, stock turbo valve springs, MP Viton valve seals, bronze valve guides. Valve Job was done at same time as Engine rebuild in 2008, 4k miles ago.
    o Cam - 89 turbo roller installed at 120^ Centerline
    o Oil Cooler - Earls 19 row, -10 stainless braided hoses, Mocal 180 deg. thermostatic sandwich adapter
    o Radiator - Custom Aluminum radiator made by Alumrad. Spal 16" high performance electric fan

    Turbo/Intercooler/Blow Off Valve:
    o Turbo Mopar Performance Super 60, ported and polished compressor housing, .63 A/R ceramic coated exhaust housing
    o Ported 2.5" swingvalve and 2.5" Down Pipe
    o Boost Control - Greddy Profec Type S Boost controller
    o Intercooler - MP Super 60 "Indy" Intercooler, paint stripped and polished
    o Blow off valve - Greddy Type RS BOV

    o Air filter - K&N Cone
    o Intake manifold - 87 turbo II two-piece intake, ported and polished, lower half ceramic coated
    o 52mm throttle body
    o Exhaust manifold - stock cast iron turbo II manifold, ported and ceramic coated
    o Exhaust system - FWD Performance 2.5" mandrel bent with a Ultraflow oval muffler

    Electronics/Fuel system:
    o Computer Megasquirt II v3.0 with 4 bar MAP sensor on the board. Set up with 36-1 trigger wheel on crank pulley, Ford coil pack ignition, Ford VR sensor.
    o I Also have the stock Wiring harness with Custom 3 Bar SMEC calibration from Relentless Performance
    o Fuse/Relay box relocated to engine bay with a 91+ Daytona Fuse box
    o Innovate LC-1 Wideband O2 Sensor
    o Battery - Optima Gel Cell, relocated behind passenger seat
    o Map Sensor - 4 bar MAP
    o Fuel injectors - 52 lb/hr Super 60 fuel injectors
    o Turbos Unleashed high flow billet fuel rail with -6 AN plumbing
    o CS racing Custom injector harness
    o Fuel Pump - Walbro high pressure 255 LPH
    o Fuel Pressure regulator - Aeromotive Adjustable

    o Transmission - A555 Getrag 5 speed
    o Differential - Clutch type limited slip (done by Ed Peters)
    o Flywheel Stock, lightened to 14 lbs.
    o Clutch South Bend clutch DXD Endurance (Full face Feramic (Sintered Iron) lining on the flywheel side and a high metal content Organic lining on the pressure plate side
    o Drive axles - Stock 89 Daytona Shelby GKN Design

    Front Suspension/Steering:
    o Struts - Koni adjustable struts, Ground Control coil over kit
    o Springs - Eibach 2.5" diameter ERS springs 400#
    o Camber plates - Ground Control universal camber plates
    o Strut Tower Brace - CS Racing
    o Anti-sway bar - Shelby 1 1/4"
    o Dual pivot control arms, powder coated, Energy Suspension poly bushings
    o New power steering Rack, new tie rods, new ZF pump

    Rear Suspension:
    o Shocks - Koni adjustable
    o CS Racing adjustable rear spring perches with H&R 2.5" diameter springs 550#
    o Rear Axle - Beam axle with integrated Shelby solid rear anti-sway bar
    o Rear shock tower brace - CS Racing
    o Track Bar - CS Racing chrome moly tubular adjustable Panhard bar

    o Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 245/40/17, full tread
    o 17 x 8 TR Motorsports MT1 Wheels, lightweight 17 lbs each (Anthracite 10 Spoke design, Tire Rack Motorsports made by Enkei)
    o One new spare 17 x 8 TR Motorsports Wheel included

    o Front - 11" vented rotors, 60mm caliper pistons, '91 knuckles, R/T 11 caliper adapters, powder coated calipers
    o Rear - 11" vented rotors, 36mm caliper pistons, powder coated calipers
    o Brake pads front Performance Friction Carbon Metallic Street pads and a set of Carbotech Panther XP8 road race pads
    o Brake pads rear - Hawk HPS
    o Brake lines - All new custom bent hard brake lines scanned from the stock lines by inline tube. Flexible lines at calipers are Stainless braided, teflon lined -3 size
    o Master cylinder - Dodge D150 1 1/16" bore
    o Brake fluid - ATE Super Blue Racing

    o Seats - Cobra Monaco 5 point racing seats
    o Belts - TRW Sabelt 5 point harnesses
    o Roll Bar - Kirk Racing 4 point SCCA approved roll bar
    o Steering wheel - Momo Monte Carlo 350mm (13.8") diameter
    o Gauges - VDO Vision: Turbo (30in/hg - 25psi boost), Water Temp (250 F), and Oil Temp (300 F)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PXL_20201031_200818105.jpg 
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Name:	PXL_20201031_202301920.jpg 
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    Re: 89 Daytona Shelby

    This is absolutely the best and nicest Daytona build I have ever seen. The whole car is well suited for its intended purpose and impeccably executed. Chris had a website that chronicled the build which I often consulted. I got to see the car in 2012 and took lots of pictures to use a reference. Chris can correct me, but I think the suspension modifications were similar to those on the One Lap Daytona.

    Good luck with the sale.

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    Re: 89 Daytona Shelby

    Lot of car for the money! GLWS Chris.

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    Re: 89 Daytona Shelby

    For anyone looking for a beautiful and well prepared track day car, this is it. GLWS Chris! and feel free to post it in the SDAC Facebook group or if you're not on there (don't blame ya!) we can link this thread there too.

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    Re: 89 Daytona Shelby

    Thanks Guys! Oggie, Yes many of the same suspension mods are on the One Lap Daytona too. Mike and I did our coilovers and camber plates at the same time and when I built the rear adjustable spring setups, I did one for Mike's car too. My Rear panhard bar and front strut tower brace were also put on the One Lap car.

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    Re: 89 Daytona Shelby

    Hi could this car be driven on the streets or is the suspension to harsh, and do you have the stock seats for this car. thanks.

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    Re: 89 Daytona Shelby

    Wish I could give her a home. But it's not meant to be right now.

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    Re: 89 Daytona Shelby

    Email sent

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    Re: 89 Daytona Shelby

    Quote Originally Posted by clocktowersniper View Post
    Email sent
    Glad to see you posting again.

    In relation to the thread at hand, I can't believe this hasn't sold yet. My wife would have picked it up right away if there was a back seat in it still.

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    Re: 89 Daytona Shelby

    I really don't go on forums anymore. I don't even have a turbo dodge right now. Been doing the jeep thing. I saw this one and said....hmmm.

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    Re: 89 Daytona Shelby

    The car has been sold

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    Re: 89 Daytona Shelby

    Congrats on the sale. It's an amazing ride.

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