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Thread: Odometer gear replacement

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    Odometer gear replacement

    I figured I would share my most recent experience with this.

    I am specifically talking about the '87-'89 G/J body instrument cluster here, so YMMV.

    I have mucked around with these speedo heads for many years, most of the time to refinish the needles, but this time my only goal was to replace the odometer gear in my TC. Every time I have messed with these in the past I have taken the needle off so I could completely remove the drive and odometer. This time I wasn't planning to refinish the needle and it was being super stubborn, so I decided to try and work around it.

    Low and behold, once you get the motor loose from the face, there is *just* enough clearance to be able to unseat the alignment tang and slightly rotate the assembly to gain access to the odometer drive motor board screws. Once you have it loose, again, there is *just* enough clearance to remove the motor core and the gear.

    Clean all the broken bits out, install the new gear on the motor core, reinstall, put it all back together!

    I hope this helps someone else out in the future.

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    Re: Odometer gear replacement

    Thanks for the tip, Chris. That's a good one for sure.

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