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Thread: 1989 LeBaron GTS parts - Milford, CT

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    1989 LeBaron GTS parts - Milford, CT

    Date: 09th June 2021
    Username: murdoc79rc
    Full Name: Brendan Dunne
    City, State, Zip: Milford, CT 06461
    Contact: patriots_gang (at)
    Price: $300 for the whole thing, or let's talk about individual parts.

    Hey y'all,
    I've got an engineless purple on purple 1989 LeBaron GTS w/ auto trans with no engine available for parts or take the whole thing. Approximately 100,000 miles.
    Removed the 2.5 turbo and ECU for my Daytona (yes I feel guilty for making it a donor). I saved the transmission bolts, flexplate, starter, air intake, etc. Almost anything else is available - I'd prefer if someone wanted the whole thing, but if not, I'll part it out and send the rest to scrap.

    Body: Paint will shine if you wash it, but there's rust bubbles around, a bit of fender and rocker rust, see pics. Good lights all around (tail lights, signals etc), good molding, good glass, good bumpers...
    Tires and rims: Pretty good
    Interior: very cool purple interior, front seats are cracked but not split open. Most interior pieces are good. Analog dash, non-working odometer?
    Mechanical: No engine or ECU! Recent replacement muffler system. Auto trans shifted AOK, I drove it for a few months on a number of long trips. Something in the left front suspension clunked... balljoint maybe? Never got a chance to investigate.

    Located in Milford, CT
    Happy to ship smaller parts, pickup is even better. Let me know what you're looking for, please!

    I can't post pictures because I'm too much of a noob on this forum. Pictures available from my Google Drive (Not being sketchy):

    Full link text (in case you don't trust my link... for copy/paste)
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    Re: 1989 LeBaron GTS parts - Milford, CT

    Email sent.

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    Re: 1989 LeBaron GTS parts - Milford, CT

    Sent mail as well....

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    Re: 1989 LeBaron GTS parts - Milford, CT

    Want the whole thing but TOO far for me so.....just looking for parts if/when that time arrives...but Im pretty sure you'llmake way more on parts than 300.00!!

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    Re: 1989 LeBaron GTS parts - Milford, CT

    Also sent email.

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    Re: 1989 LeBaron GTS parts - Milford, CT

    Email sent!

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