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Thread: How much power for stock T3 turbo

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    How much power for stock T3 turbo

    Was wondering how much power I can realistically expect from a stock T3 turbo. Going to be doing fwdp stage 4 cal, +40s, 3bar and 2.5 inch exhaust with possibly an electric cutout. My R/T already has FMIC and titanium retainers

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    Re: How much power for stock T3 turbo

    The compressor wheel is a T3 55 trim and the turbine wheel is a T3 stage 1.

    Since it's impossible to find a compressor map for a T3 55 trim wheel, here are the T3 50 trim and a T3 60 trim. Right in the middle is your ball park figure of how much air (lb/min) the turbo can support under varying pressure (2.0 = 14.7psi). Once you figure out what pressure you're looking to run, then you can use 1lb/min = 10 hp to convert to see what the max air flow the turbo can support.

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    Now, can your engine use that potential air flow from the turbo to make the HP, that's a different theory.

    I used my dyno HP numbers with mega squirt logs to make this plot a while back to see how well the V trim turbo work on my setup.

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