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Thread: 89+ Disk Brake Setup, TI/TII Conversion Harness, Nippon Upgrade, TI AIS/TPS, TII AIS

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    89+ Disk Brake Setup, TI/TII Conversion Harness, Nippon Upgrade, TI AIS/TPS, TII AIS

    Date: 04th December 2020
    Username: ILIKESHELBYS
    Full Name: Steven Seale
    City, State, Zip: Atlanta, GA 30092
    Price(s): See below please
    Payment: PayPal /
    Shipping: USPS Priority or FedEx
    International Shipping: Yes please PM me your postal code/country for a quote, for small items it's typically +$30


    There are (5) items listed here:

    1) 89 Style solid rear disk brake setup (complete, refurbished) [SOLD 12/4/2020]
    2) TI to TII AIS/TPS Conversion Harness/Pigtail [SOLD 12/4/2020]
    3) L-body 90amp NipponDenso Alternator Upgrade With New Nippon Alternator, Easy Adjust Bracket, Plug-N-Play Charge Harness AVAILABLE
    4) Early Log Style AIS/TPS Sensor set with complete pigtail and mounting bracket AVAILABLE
    5) Later TI/TII AIS Sensor/Motor AVAILABLE


    1) [SOLD] 89 Style Solid Rear Disk Setup (Complete) ($299 shipped)
    Complete restored/refurbished setup for solid rear disk brake setup. Bolts directly to any K-car like Daytona, Laser, Shadow, CSX, Aries, Charger, Omni, etc. This is the later style 89+ version of the rear disk brakes with the style caliper that utilizes the small brake shoes inside the brake rotor for the parking brake. Set comes completely gone through with all new brake hardware, new parking brake shoes, new rotors, fresh bearing repack(bearings replaced as needed), springs, clips, etc. As pictured. Backing plates are also cleaned and refinished, good calipers, correct proportioning valve, new caliper to bracket rubber hoses, caliper to arm mounting brackets, metallic brake pads, mounting hardware, the works. Just as pictured, ready to be bolted on.

    Included but not pictured: New solid rotors and new caliper to mounting bracket rubber hoses.
    What is not included: Parking brake cables (still available over the counter) and metal line from body to caliper hose, also readily available from any parts store.

    2) [SOLD] T1/T2 Conversion Harness for AIS/TPS ($75 shipped)
    If you are planning or in the process of converting your 84-87 T1 turbo Dodge to T2 spec you are going to be hunting for the needed wiring harness and AIS/TPS connectors for your new T2 style throttle body. We offer a true-plug-n-play T1/T2 AIS/TPS conversion harness for this specific application. This harness replaces and plugs directly into your existing main engine bay harness replacing the old T1 style harness and its connectors. This harness includes the late T2 style AIS connector and TPS connector, the main engine harness connector as well as the two additional wires needing to be run to your logic module and the needed logic module connectors for them! Complete wiring diagram is also included that describes the process. There are also many many online references on how this is done including a complete T1-T2 upgrade FAQ on several turbo Dodge enthusiast sites.

    3) Nippon Denso 90AMP Alternator Upgrade for 84-87 L-body ($ See below)
    I have this completely plug-n-play and ready to install turbo L-body Nippon Denso 90Amp upgrade available right now. This set includes the easy adjust 1 piece alternator bracket, a NEW NipponDenso/ACDelco 90amp alternator and the NipponDenso style charge harness completely ready to go. Just remove your old Cryco truck alternator, harness and bracket and plug in the harness, mount the alternator and add your belt. Done. No other wiring, splicing, cutting, drilling, nothing, plug-n-play.


    1. Easy Adjust 1 piece alternator tensioner bracket
    2. Complete front engine charge harness, ready to go, all connectors, freshly re-wrapped, hi-temp convoluted cover, L-body specific turbo connectors.
    3. NEW NipponDenso/ACDelco 90amp alternator

    This is everything you need to upgrade your L-body car with the crappy 3 piece adjuster and behemoth Cryco truck alternator that cant keep up with a fuel injected cars power demands.

    Add this setup and you will enjoy the following verified benefits:

    * You can actually adjust the alternator belt tension easily, you can actually see the adjuster nut, and the adjustment can be done in seconds with only a 13mm socket
    * Your headlights will not dim under full boost
    * You can run all your accessories and the radio at the same time and still use the wipers
    * You will have extra room for service of the oil filter because the NipponDenso alternator is 20% smaller than the Cryco and Bosch alternators
    * You can also upgrade to a 120amp Nippon Denso if you want or need to (big honking stereo amps for example)

    This is a true bolt on factory parts application. Be aware that you are getting the needed 1 piece alternator bracket, the new Nippon Denso alternator with the correct pulley already installed and a complete turbo front charge harness for the new alternator.

    Easy Adjust Bracket only: $59 shipped
    L-body Plug-N-Play NipponDenso Harness only: $99 shipped
    Complete Nippon Denso Upgrade(New Alternator,Bracket,Harness): $299 shipped

    4) T1 AIS/TPS Sensor set with pigtail and mounting bracket ($79 shipped)
    A good working early (85-87) T1 log manifold style AIS/TPS sensor set. Complete as pictured, known good, very hard to find these days and in such nice condition. Even if yours is working today, it's real good to have a spare!

    5) Later TI, TII, TIV AIS Sensor/Motor ($59 shipped)
    Mopar quality, not aftermarket. Excellent condition. Factory TI/TII style AIS sensor. Good known working. Does not fit log manifold early TI style engines. This is for the 87+ TI, TII, TIV cars.

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    Re: 89+ Disk Brake Setup, TI/TII Conversion Harness, Nippon Upgrade, TI AIS/TPS, TII

    For anyone considering doing business with Steven/TURBODODGEPARTS, I highly recommend him as a seller. Fast shipping and great follow up!

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