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Thread: 1991 Spirit RT 67K + interior engine and trans

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    1991 Spirit RT 67K + interior engine and trans

    Date: 14th October 2020
    Username: kuzman83
    Full Name: John Kuznicki
    City, State, Zip: Findlay Oh 45840
    Contact: PM for email
    Selling or Wanted Price: $6500


    My wife and I have decided it is time to sell the spirit. The car is a Red 1991 with 67K original miles, the odometer gear broke this summer and the car has not been driven since. The car was originally a Tennessee car so there is zero rust on the under side, one small spot of surface rust on the roof where the paint peeled off. My father in law purchased the car in 2008 from Nashville TN and it has been garage kept since. Everything on the car works and is in near perfect condition. Included in the sale is a nearly complete interior from a 1992 to replace a few faded pieces on the car currently. A complete (disassembled) 1991 RT engine with Lotus head and A568 transmission. A complete engine and body wiring harness, headlight and taillight housings, ground effects set, front and rear bumpers and a spare trunk spoiler.

    The paint is 6-7/10, it cleans up nice but there are some dings dents and a small spot of fading/surface rust on the roof. Seats and carpet are immaculate, as well as the door panels and interior pieces. The B pillar interior trims are faded, but the car comes with clean replacements. This car is 100% stock with the exception of the titanium valve spring retainers. The air intake snorkel is perfect, engine compartment is 100% factory correct and the AC blows cold. This is, in my opinion, not the car to hack up and try to run 10's with and is priced accordingly. This car relative to what else is available at this price point is in excellent condition, a perfect example for someone looking to tinker on a clean and solid factory Spirit RT. The car took 1st place in the Spirit RT class at SDAC 29, speaking to the fact that it is an extremely clean survivor car.

    I am technologically illiterate when it comes to posting pictures on this site, if anyone is able to help with that it would be appreciated. Otherwise, Please feel free to PM me for my email address and I will send as many pictures as you like through email.

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    Re: 1991 Spirit RT 67K + interior engine and trans

    Tried to send you a PM, but your inbox is full. Could you post a phone number here or an email please?

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    Re: 1991 Spirit RT 67K + interior engine and trans


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