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Thread: Burning up stuff

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    Burning up stuff

    Heres the setup. A413 auto origonally built by Brian Slowe, so its been done right, also using a chad Kilback VB w/ brake. Ive always had issues since getting it going with it not making rpm in 3rd gear. Im in 3rd about 5 seconds but only make maybe 300rpm. Then this past July the car was making crazy rpm in 3rd, 9350 to be exact. Fluid was burned as hell. Pulled the trans out, smoked direct clutchs and kickdown. Rebuilt everything and it wont make rpm in 3rd againp, pulled it apart after 3 passes and the kickdown band is smoked. Im thinking the VB isnt right, but Im not a guru on those. What I do see is the kickdown valve which is not hooked up just floats around in the VB. Can anyone tell me is the supposed to be staked in it home position???

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    Re: Burning up stuff

    I would swap VB and retest, inspect the 2nd gear servo bore and piston for any cracks.

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    Re: Burning up stuff

    Checked the servo and bore. All good. Trying to find a 82-86 VB core to send to cheetah. If anyone has on or a cheetah to sell. I did notice on a VB schematic there are 5 steel balls, mine has 4. Dont know if its a mistake or how chad kilback intended it..

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    Re: Burning up stuff

    Is the kickdown valve supposed to be staked in place or is it cut out entirely and doesnt matter where it sits in a rmvb?

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    Re: Burning up stuff

    I will have to look at the 1986 VB I have, the transaxle got water in it and the final drive was rusted solid. If the VB isn't toast I don't need it any more as I am using a 1991 2.5L T1 trans now. If it is bad, will a 1989 Turbo (non-lockup) VB work?
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    Re: Burning up stuff

    According to TurboAction/Cheetah it wont because there is some minor difference in the 87 and newer and their seperator plate isnt 100% compatible.

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