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Thread: Toronto CANADA. 1987 Shelby Charger + parts collection $10,000 firm

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    Toronto CANADA. 1987 Shelby Charger + parts collection $10,000 firm

    pics are posted on add over at TD.. sorry 'bout "the extra walking "
    (not sorry 'bout the load on their connection lol)

    Dr. Johny Dodge

    Car is located in Toronto ..(scarborough south eastmost corner)

    ODO shows 28 000 KM's BUT may be actually 100,000 + condition of paint vs interior establishes cause for debate...!!
    though .. it DOES still have a very good O-E shelby charger muffler...?

    I have THE title and bill of sale to me but this car IS two owner's past the name on the title .....without having been re registered -it's done a LOT of garage time

    Black '87 shelby charger ..NO air conditioning .. heat only car from factory

    car shows a rust blister in the drip rail and another on the bottom edge of the hatch & has some minor door dings and needs paint .. "kinda" - it's not bad as is from twenty to fifty feet but .. it needs paint to be really nice

    car has had the nose hood and passenger fender replaced at some time with a "cost effective" body repair someone at sometime ..

    interior is REALLY NICE but it needs hatch panels as the ones in the car are badly yellowed in places

    has mopar louvers in good condition sunroof and seals still seem really nice

    interior needs minor cleaning and the factory radio plugs replaced .. I have an "ultimate" am/fm cassette with EQ for it - black face / silver buttons to match L body dash nicely

    glove box door AIN'T broke..

    roof lining is IMMACULATE...!!!
    so are the inner door panels and carpeting
    seatbelt webbing doesn't look so new .. so to say but the belt holders on the seats are intact

    seat mechanisms all function properly
    the seats might be the best you'll see at this age ..IE (almost) MINT - driver's seat bottom shows some minor stretching
    CS logos are even still nice and crisp & tidy...and clean

    I have an 89 non leather steering wheel in the car , I have the still nice original but it needs cleaning ... AND I have a still nice 84 daytona black four spoke wheel with grey leather rim.
    ''''. Marty mopar has horn buttons fo it...

    engine compartment shows some vacuum line repairs but the factory vacuum "harness" is still in relatively EXCELLENT condition and I have lots of good vac harness bits for log motor as well as a mint TII one that comes with the parts stash

    original wiring harness looks very good .. only issue is cloth tape hanging in places . quick and easy repair with some black cloth hockey stick tape in an afternoon and it
    has had a minor repair near the battery

    original rad is THE BEST L body turbo rad I've EVER SEEN .. and I have two more well used complete rads for turbo L body + TII rad/intercooler from an 87 shelby

    includes a new as yet unused set of M P / D C headlamp covers (tinted)
    I also have 3 89 daytona Marchal fog lamps with MOUNTING BRACKETS AND HARDWARE INTACT (mounting bits for 2 lights)
    fog lamp covers are really nice - haven't been outside for twenty ++ years

    pizza wheels are still really nice but not perfect - would be a pretty easy job for the wheel guy .also comes with 5 or 6 six inch wide crab wheels , one or two 6 1/2's and three 16 inch pumper wheels .. I dono off hand what side I need one more wheel for. tires on car are twenty odd years old .. show well but full of little cracks

    brakes don't work.. I think it needs a master cylinder
    rear shocks are a joke - no surprise there
    rear bumper skin is ... wave-ie

    I have a set of door glass and two sets of quarter windows . with spare seals

    all seals on car looked good last time I looked at them .. you know , "realistically so.."

    PARTS included with sale

    .. you'll get EVERYTHING I have ..
    there's some daytona bits in my stash so you get some stuff you can sell too.

    starting with the biggest piece

    I have the brand new 688 transmission Cindy had advertised back in '12-13 (ish)
    4:08 FD .. 3"69 first gear
    supposedly has getrag internals

    still new still in the crate along with new in box Quaife diff
    (- this is a $5000cdn investment alone)

    comes with NOS shift cables (523-568)
    I have a 90 something daytona shifter and a neon shifter with it's mounting bracket (was going to buy hurst shifter for neon)
    I DON'T have the clips of bushings to install shift cables .. and I DO NOT have a set of large spline axles yet

    research says this trans is an european delivery van trans
    it appears to have the extra bolt hole at the front - allegedly for a 2.4 motor (?)

    it has the location for the crank sensor and has NO TIMING WINDOW

    it has been out of the crate only to check it out
    in full disclosure .. it had no reverse gear when I pulled it out of the crate
    standing it on end seems to have corrected that..? BUT it should be inspected

    I've had the reverse fork come out of place in other mopar transaxles so I wasn't to concerned
    I figure it got bumped and bounced out of place during shipping

    I DO NOT have a large spline clutch ... yet

    chassis parts list is short

    I have a set of 92/3 daytona big brakes for the front and some bits for rear disc
    I also have a set of new rear disc brake pads (nos mopar)

    I have a duel pivot crossmember , a ZF rack & pump with brackets
    also have a NOS bobble bracket mount tab for crossmember

    also have second used shelby charger rack

    also have NOS clutch pedal adjusting block (- white plastic piece with steps for adjuster mechanism)

    I still need the bigger bolt set for the late model ball joints

    I also have the dog bone style bobble bracket assembly from an 87 K car 520
    - that fits 520/555/523/568 and 588 - said to also be found in some manual trans vans

    included also is a still nice set of J body convertible engine mounts with the damper shocks on them
    and a MP/DC hard front mount (slightly used but in very good to excellent condition)

    engine list

    I have a VERY LOW MILEAGE 2.5 turbo block
    .. that had a broken piston at apprx 20-30 000KM's
    block is striped down to the main caps

    I have a set of program 4 bolt main caps still new in box

    NO CRANKSHAFT -yet...

    I have a set of BC rods new in box

    I haven't bought pistons - was waiting until I'd striped the block but then learned I should go 60 over regardless due to ISMA sized valve set ..

    I do have an eight bolt turbo flywheel

    I do have all the odds & ends for the block assembly but haven't bought any aftermarket fasteners - yet

    I have at least one useable swirl head .. very used

    I have a 655 head with outer surfaces that washed up REALLY NICELY

    I have a good 314 MP turbo cam with MP followers still stored in the correct order

    a new in box MP super 60 cam and new in box MP followers

    one set PT lash adjusters with "pope's" own washer set

    BIG valve set - for G head, described as "last known set of LRE ISMA valves" - if that means something ?

    have set of comp bee hive springs with comp retainers & locks

    so I also have a set of MP locks that at lest seem to fit without the valve being able to move up & down on the lock's ridge (re prob with comp locks)

    and a MP cam degree wheel with "kit" to use on 2.2/2,5

    have new in box CSR electric water pump and a new in box FWD t-stat housing in silver

    have complete two piece intake
    includes "Lengal plenum" , -10 fuel rail and one of Adam's re&re'd throttle bodies

    TU exhaust manifold
    .63 turbonetics turbine housing that's machined for Garrett GT series turbo
    a "Shadow 3 inch swing valve"

    I haven't bought a turbo as I wasn't going to have a warranty expire on a shelf....

    have late model 50 way (88?) L body dash harness .. looks like new.. smells like new..

    have 88 turbo K car engine harness that retains firewall mounted 50 bulkhead connector and allows SMEC conversion
    but it has a problem with a hillbilly fusible link elimination so it needs a power distribution box conversion to be viable

    I have a MP smec for 89 TII and a couple of . smecs that are likely TI 2.5 units

    included are sets of very well but respectfully used 86 and 88 service manuals


    I didn't mention anything about underbody rust .. 'cause there ain't nothing to describe...

    I always check the seams in the back half of the front wheel wells FIRST
    THIS ONE was GOOD !! so I kept looking

    it's been rust proofed with an oil type rust proofing so it's stanky lookin' underneith but it seems just .. dirty as hell

    swaybar on trailing axle was still straight .. never seen a floor jack -
    it's the second straight bar I've ever seen..

    I spent almost 30 years looking at these cars locally and this one is the best I've ever found - even counting 3-5 year old cars that already had rot happening in those front wheel well seams
    remember I'm in the road salt capital of canada.....

    10K price is firm and it's for everything listed

    I do not want to start parting things out piece by piece - it's a worthy project collection as is..

    the car is easily worth 4 or 5 K .. I doubt anyone would step up 5k for the trans so the fairest deal , I think for both a buyer and myself is 10K for the lot

    when I sell stuff from the house anyone who passed by over the years could attest .. they got free 'chit too.. so in that tradition,...the other fwd mopar stuff is a toss in
    it ain't really much but a few totes of smaller random stuff that someone staying in the hobby can find use or homes for..

    had a little chat with the cardologist in the spring ,
    anyone who has read some of my posts might recall me mentioning a stint in my hip , right femoral artery and left lower aorta..

    current news ain't great ..much change required
    lived in the same place for 55 years..

    somewhere ELSE.. there's a fifty foot sailboat and a nice little apartment someplace warm enough I don't haveta' pull the boat outta the water .. and I think I'd rather be doing "that"

    so far .. I've found "the" boat .. one I've wanted since '85 - several times over which is doin' alright as they only built a couple dozen of them
    kudos to as I must have a good eye seeing a boat I put the finger on back in 1985 it still worth almost 200K..

    and I know where to find the right apartment smack dab in the middle of the mediterranean sea..... one that even has it's own private pool on the roof above.. but with that ^ .. no big rush to need to buy something to quickly (lol)

    and THAT sounds really SOOoo much better than a cold garage floor..
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    Re: Toronto CANADA. 1987 Shelby Charger + parts collection $10,000 firm

    Good luck in the sale as this is a very nice 87 charger

    DD '87 Sundance T1, SLH with rear disks
    '87 CSX #432 2.5 CB TII, SLH

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    Re: Toronto CANADA. 1987 Shelby Charger + parts collection $10,000 firm

    Thanks M

    I should add there were 1011 87 shelby chargers .. 500-some black ones and 400-odd red ones so it's kinda "rare" - as much as I hate to use the word when there's more than 50 of something..

    needs brakes fixed - I have a 4 wheel disc master cylinder I've meant to put in but haven't
    parking brake adjustment is a current joke
    needs rear shocks
    and has a slight clunk from the right side when you wiggle the steering - prob a tie rod end

    I have no idea of the head gasket's condition but even the 4-5 years I've owned the car without using it says .. change the gasket - it's probably rotted anyways .. better not to blow it out

    car sits for months and starts with a turn of the key to prime it and another to start it .. EASY , everytime

    in 4-5 years I've had the car I've resisted tearing into it so it IS still all in one piece

    and bonus it comes with my 30 year old aftermarket hep .. that has never let me down in the 5 cars I've run it in.. car needed one when I bought it

    also included is an 87 TII turbocharger assy.. but it hasn't been used for a very long time
    and that comes with a new in box center section CASTING only for building a good TII unit
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    Re: Toronto CANADA. 1987 Shelby Charger + parts collection $10,000 firm

    I sent you an email on related topics recently. Maybe I need to drop by and "lay a strip" on your quiet street!

    DD '87 Sundance T1, SLH with rear disks
    '87 CSX #432 2.5 CB TII, SLH

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    Re: Toronto CANADA. 1987 Shelby Charger + parts collection $10,000 firm

    And that is one pretty boat you are looking at!

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    Re: Toronto CANADA. 1987 Shelby Charger + parts collection $10,000 firm

    thanks guys !
    & yeah .. the promo poster for the boat hung on my wall from '85 to '05 when I had to move
    the lambo and vette posters got trashed loooong ago but not THAT one

    somehow it just tugged all the right strings..

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