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Thread: FWD Thermostat housing

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    Re: FWD Thermostat housing

    I went searching for the TU thermostat housing some time ago also. I wanted at least 2. But I understand why they don't get remade when the inventory is gone.
    It is a shame since there are a good number of us who have been in this a while, and we are all older with better incomes. But there are still alot of newer folks or younger folks getting interested in these classics that are still thrifty out of necessity.
    And it is also a shame we don't have a following like some the mainstream car (brand/type) clubs that actually could get any products they want developed. But then our SDAC events would be a complete mad house!

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    Re: FWD Thermostat housing

    Quote Originally Posted by wheming View Post
    And it is also a shame we don't have a following like some the mainstream car (brand/type) clubs that actually could get any products they want developed. But then our SDAC events would be a complete mad house!
    My daughter is also a car enthusiast, she has a WRX and her BF has an STI....It is crazy the amount of stuff they can buy!!!
    In fact, she tests prototype mods for local vendors..
    A totally different world.

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    Re: FWD Thermostat housing

    you should see all the crazy crap i can get for my honda. its ridiculous. ill still make a bunch of stuff turbo mopar style for it though lol.


    Quote Originally Posted by turbovanman
    This one is easy, I have myself to blame, I rush things, don't pay attention to gauges when I should, change to much stuff at once then expect miracles, the list is endless.

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    Re: FWD Thermostat housing

    Quote Originally Posted by 4 l-bodies View Post
    Well Jay, maybe with that statement your on "their" list now. Just what our vendors need is another vendor or a wisenheimer (lol). Make sure you make it just like the others, but with one less or one more rib. It will be your own design then, and no one can claim otherwise.
    Kinda hard to differenciate (spelling) much on a T-stat housing. Both vendors look pretty close to the same with more or less ribs than the other had. I'd much rather buy one of these from a vendor than making one at the price point they sold them at. My comment was more in jest than anything. But if the vendors aren't going to make them ever again what do I do, use a stupid stamped steel piece or make my own?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris W View Post
    Seems like some mistook our post. It wasnt about having our design copied by another vendor, it was about supporting the vendors who support the community.
    Purchasing from the free magnet vendor takes valuable funds from the companies that have been committed to this community for over 20 years. Many complain why we are out of 3" swingvalves and our other unique products. The manufacture of them requires capital that was once made from products being purchased at generic vendors now. They could give a rat's --- about this community.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding of our post.

    If TU, FWDP, polybushings or Foward motion has what I want then I'll gladly get it from them. But on the other had a lot of my stuff is completely custom.

    I really did try to use TU's wastegage bracket.

    But in the end had to make my own so I could clear the firewall

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    Re: FWD Thermostat housing

    A simple part but still at least two operations and a lot of expensive thickness ending up as chips in the dump cart.
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    Re: FWD Thermostat housing

    It would be a pretty entertaining lathe project. I was thinking about making one for myself. It would be a lot simpler to keep the base round so that it overhangs the waterbox on the head. Or possibly just make 1 face cut to make the top level with the waterbox.

    but you are right, it is a large chunk of round stock. I dunno if a thick wall tube extrusion would be any cheaper to purchase...


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