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Thread: 86 glhs #85

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    86 glhs #85

    Date: 24th May 2020
    Username: PEDEN
    Full Name: Alex Peden
    City, State, Zip:Chanhassen Mn 55317
    Contact: 952-224-6651
    Selling or Wanted Price: $6500

    Description: #85 1986 GLHS $6500 Minnesota
    I have had these cars since I was 16, I loved the GLH turboand when I found out there was a Shelby version that instantly became my dreamcar. When everyone had Lamborghiniís and Ferrariís taped to their locker I hadan Omni GLHS. Never thought I would ever see a GLHS in my life until I went tothe 2000 Car Craft Summer Nationals, and the first car I see is Todd NelsonsGLHS. I could not get enough of that car. I spent most of the show admiring andworshiping that car. Then I joined the army and sold my GLH. Fast forward, afew years and a few dollars more I called Todd and told him I was interested ina GLHS and if he knew any please let me know. Later that night he called meback and told me there was one in MN getting ready to be up for sale. I prettymuch bought sight unseen. I wanted GLHS that bad and I didnít care what itlooked like. So on 3/14/08 I purchased GLHS #85 from Mark Christofferson.
    Iím selling it because I donít drive it enough and itís timefor someone else to enjoy it as much as I did. I bought this car with 76k andit now has 98K. I put a motor in it with all the good stuff in it and reallynever took advantage of all that good stuff. I just drove the car around andenjoyed just driving it. I have all the GLHS specific parts to go with the carplus everything else I have acquired over the years. I have tons of documentationsand receipts of all the purchases I have made for it, plus all thedocumentations from the previous owners. A few things are,
    -Rebuilt T2 bottom end with .020 forged diamond pistons, T2rods, forged crank. (have all the receipts and documentation from the machineshop that machined it. )
    -Todd Nelson, Portedswirl head w/1mm SS oversized valves, bronze valve guides, port matched upperand lower intakes.
    -Adjustable cam gear
    -Underdrive pulley
    -20+ injectors, I have a set of 40+ injectors that werenever installed
    -Accufab adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    -Koni Coil Overs with eibach springs.
    -Clutchnet 6puck clutch
    -JRB 2 Ĺ exhaust
    -Spec HD pressure plate
    -Interior is still very presentable minus the headliner andcenter arm rest. Ill give the seats an 8 out of 10. No tears.
    Some of the things that may be a deterrent for the car isthat it does have a purple race stipe and a sunroof. I bought the car with thestripe and sunroof already on it and I decided to keep it. Regardless of thestripe and sunroof it is still a Shelby GLHS. During my ownership, it never sawa winter and it saw very few rainy days.
    Im sure I am leaving tons out. If you have any questions pleaselet me know.
    Alex Peden

    not sure if this link works? if not email me and I will send pictures
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    Re: 86 glhs #85

    Bump for a quick GLHS. First and only time out to dragstrip it ran a 13.0 @ 107 MPH with a driver that had never raced his car before! IIRC, the 13.0 was with a 2.0 something 60', so it definitely has a 12 second time slip in it. The engine and clutch has close to the money in it as the asking price for entire car! Then there are the $1500 coil-overs. And of course it is a #'ed car too.

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    Re: 86 glhs #85

    are you interested in trades..? 69 2 dr valiant ....

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