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Thread: How much can a TIII crank be cut?

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    How much can a TIII crank be cut?

    Hi everyone!
    New here but have been in the turbo mopar scene since 99 and more heavily since 06. Was active on the other forum for several years but got away from it close to 10 years ago. Last year I picked up a very clean one owner 87 reliant coupe with the intentions of eventually building a tiii car for fun/occasional strip use. My nephew has also been into these cars for about 10-12 years and mostly spirit RTís, having owned about a half dozen of them, so familiar with working on t1,t2, and t3 engines

    Anyway, I acquired a TIII engine from him in need of rebuilding. We suspected a broken con rod and that turned out to be case. Unfortunately it grenaded at the journal end so when it continued to spin thereís significant damage to the #4 journal. Iíd like to keep the TIII crank if possible but not sure how much can be cut from the forged crank to clean it up. If itís a waste of time Iím not opposed to using a cast crank or possibly a 2.5 crank for that matter.

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    Re: How much can a TIII crank be cut?

    I'd look into what size bearings are available.

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    Re: How much can a TIII crank be cut?

    Our cranks have the superior deep rolled radius that needs to be maintained.

    This is the main reason our cranks are so strong.

    I believe this is why bearing sizes are limited to a max of .030"

    Regular, weaker fillet radius crankshafts are often welded, built up or offset ground successfully.

    It's not uncommon to remove .100" or more from them as the radius can be maintained or repaired.

    If yours requires much cut it's advisable to source another crank.


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    Re: How much can a TIII crank be cut?

    Thanks for the replies. Iím going to get out there over the weekend and see if I can estimate if .030 would clean it up. Not opposed to getting a cast crank but would love to save it if possible

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