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Thread: Turbo Z Smoking/using oil

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    Turbo Z Smoking/using oil

    86 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z, Turbo I Log Stock. I drive this car every once in awhile, as its for pleasure with antique plates. Lately, I notice at idle it smokes from the exhaust and smells like burning oil. My first thought is the seals in the turbo have failed. Tonight I drove it for about a half hour on the highway. By the time I got home, the smoke cleared up. I only saw visible smoke at traffic lights. How can I diagnose blown seals in the transmission versus say, bad rings, valves, etc? It runs fine and the turbo spools up. Its just smelly

    If the turbo is bad, anyone have any good tips for changing the turbo without pulling the head or the entire engine? I'm thinking maybe this is possible with a log intake?
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Turbo Z Smoking/using oil

    I had this problem a little while back with a T2 setup. After a long diagnosis and paying to have my turbo rebuilt, I found that the drain inside of the turbo housing was blocked to a carbon mess. See link below:

    Check the drain hose and gasket from the turbo at the back side of the engine block for blockage.

    Sorry, I can not help you with changing the turbo on a log 1 engine.

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    Re: Turbo Z Smoking/using oil

    I had a similar issue with my T2 setup, but it was caused by the poor design of the vent system. The pre-1990 system has the PCV valve in a molded elbow on the back of the valve cover, two items from this, the original turbo-specific PCV valves are supposed to seal under boost preventing the turbo from pressurizing the engine internally. I actually added a very low spring pressure check valve. The second part of the problem is the elbow and tube to the air filter box run downhill so any oil in that area runs down to the tiny piece of plastic filter. This soaks through and results in oil being pulled into the turbo. When I was cleaning everything I found a lot of oil in the lower part of my intercooler.

    1990 up, the system is similar, but the air filter has an actual oil separator and a drain line with a check valve into the turbo drain. I haven't finished the rest of the car so haven't driven it with the later system. I did drill a 1/8" hole in the bottom of the inlet on my intercooler to allow any type of liquid to drain.
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    Re: Turbo Z Smoking/using oil

    For some generic steps. Start with the easier tasks to determine where the oil is coming from.

    1)Pull the output hose off the turbo and look for traces of oil.
    2)Pull spark plugs and look for oil on them.
    3)Compression check
    4)Leakdown test.
    5)Pull the valve cover and inspect valve guide seals...

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