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Thread: VMS Racing Wheels

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    VMS Racing Wheels

    Last year I learned that VMS was going to start offering some wheel options in 5x100. Around this time, I also found that they were offering a pretty good Black Friday sale as well. It was 25% off plus free shipping. Same sale is going for 2019.
    I had been looking a little bit for some light wheels to mount some slicks to. I had been considering some 15x7's that did list for less weight than what VMS had. But after some thinking about how I could also get a matching set of skinnies, have a dedicated set for racing (I hadn't been out for years) and with the sale being pretty good- I pulled the trigger on a set. For what I was looking for, I figured the weight difference didn't overcome the cost difference for other options.

    I would have considered a 13 inch wheel but they only had 15 inch available in 5x100.

    I decided on the 15x8 with 0 offset/4.5" backspacing, listed at 14lbs each. The rears are 15x3.5 with 10mm offest, listed at 11lbs each. Both wheels are a dual bolt patter for 5x100 and 5x114.3. (This particular 15x8 was also offered in 20mm offset/5.25" backspacing)

    After I received them I made attempts at weighing the bare wheels. I remember each coming it a little above what they were advertised for. Sorry I didn't take notes. I first tried a people scale with the wheel balanced on, people scale with me holding and subtracting my weight and later a digital fish scale with a loop of paracord. From memory, I think the 15x8 may have been about one pound more. I think with the design, the 20mm offset might just have 20mm of less material on the center and could possibly account for one pound.

    I bought these before I got a spot in Hot Rod Drag Week and I was glad I already had them.

    On my 93 Sundance with 10.25" front and 11"vented rear brakes with pretty new pads, none of the wheels required spacers. They also used stock style lugnuts which seemed to measure with plenty of engagement. I did get some "tuner style" lug nuts that use a 17mm hex head since a usual heavy socket could rub the wheel. I think the 20mm offset wheels could have also fit. I think one of the Yost brothers used that size on a Spirit R/T without issue. My fronts do have some stick out but they don't look bad to me.

    I recently tried taking some total weights for a friend. These are loaded up with metal valve stems and balancing weights. I used the digital fish scale/paracord method:
    Front 15x8 with M&H 23x8.5 15's- about 29.6 lbs/ea
    Rear 15x3.5 with M&H 24x3.60- about 23.6 lbs/ea
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: VMS Racing Wheels

    I think that 5 spoke set looked great Dan. I also liked some of the other VMS styles too.
    I think it bears mentioning these wheels are robust enough for daily driving and cornering, iirc.
    Unlike the lighter but pricier Bogart's.

    I think you did good, and procrastinated just long enough to get a great deal!
    Was stoked to see your car at dragweek considering the long road you had to get it in shape to complete the week without any major issues!

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    Re: VMS Racing Wheels

    Thank you for doing the research on this, Dan.
    Mike Marra
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    Re: VMS Racing Wheels

    "I would have considered a 13 inch wheel but they only had 15 inch available in 5x100."
    Look man, if you're looking for spares, you can also try out American racing wheels. They have a variety of wheel sizes (13, 14, 15, up to 22 inches) that may fit your ride from the get-go. Oh, and did I mention? They also come in various patterns and colors (chrome and black). Give them a try.
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    Re: VMS Racing Wheels

    I recently found that VMS Racing is now offering a 13x9 in 5x100 (0 offset) listed at 13lbs.

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    Re: VMS Racing Wheels

    VMS racing wheels are good and all, but it doesn't seem to satisfy me from the get-go. There are far better options out there, if you ask me.
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