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Thread: WTB: Slowe K-frame

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    Re: WTB: Slowe K-frame

    I have some cast control arms, but no spare sway bar, and no spare time to lay that out.
    The k-frame was easy to get to, so I had time to snap some quick pics of it, for any who haven't seen one.

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    Re: WTB: Slowe K-frame

    Quote Originally Posted by wheming View Post
    No, there was never his intention to provide a away bar provision.
    In fact that was one thing I was hung up about too.
    Brian had a link to a universal torsional sway bar setup, but was not going to invest in the details to mount.
    BUT, as the guys who are using this will tell you, with a properly selected spring rate on your could, it is much less of an issue than you would think.

    That is one reason I never installed mine, as I wanted some sway bar. But I'm frequently told it becomes unnecessary.

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    I tend to agree that a well set-up suspension on these cars doesn't necessarily need a front sway bar. I find the car rides better and handles just as well, but doesn't get upset when hitting bumps. There's a tad more body lean, but as long as my tires are on the road...I can deal with that!

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