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Thread: 1994 LeBaron GTC 3.0 ASD relay location

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    1994 LeBaron GTC 3.0 ASD relay location


    Have a no start condition. Car was running the day before, so not a question of whether or not it runs (normally).

    No fuel, no spark.

    Rotor is turning (timing belt intact).

    Jumped the pump relay, fuel pump energizes.

    Although the the online pictures show the ASD relay as being in the distribution center is not. The distribution center does not have a place for the the ASD.

    The only relay outside of, and near distribution center is the anti-lock brake relay.

    There are 2 relays on the passenger side mounted over the trans controller. Would they put it waaay over there?

    Has anybody changed out the ASD on a 94 GTC, and where did they hide it?


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    Re: 1994 LeBaron GTC 3.0 ASD relay location

    I believe the relays on the trans controller are for the transmission... A quick google search I found info on 92-93 Daytona and Lebaron, but not explicitly 94... (second in for the ASD.)

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    Re: 1994 LeBaron GTC 3.0 ASD relay location

    Thanks for the reply,

    My distribution center has an open socket and the cover shows no ASD. I have pictures of that...confused me too.

    My guess was that the SBEC had the ASD function built in, and had failed
    I finally had time to trouble shoot it yesterday
    After testing, and finally back-feeding ground thru the 60 pin connector, I came to the conclusion that my initial guess was correct.

    The SBEC WAS the culprit, so I replaced it. She fired right up.

    Personally, this the FIRST failed engine computer I've ever had in decades of working on these cars. Guess there's a first time for everything.


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    Re: 1994 LeBaron GTC 3.0 ASD relay location

    I think I am following what you said and I believe this may be a "common" issue. I have had to find an alternative power source for the fuel pump relay (and whatever is also on that circuit.)...

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