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Thread: Mecum had this 18k mile CXS

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    Re: Mecum had this 18k mile CXS

    nice clean car

    good news is the chevette with the "cs" package is still least it isn't a "scooter"
    -man , I don't miss those

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    Re: Mecum had this 18k mile CXS

    I’ve always thought Dodge’s P-Body vehicles were stylish, but this Shelby CSX is the crème de la crème of the bunch – especially with the Recaro interior package and original turbo. What do you think this CSX-VNT will fetch at auction?
    I thought hell would freeze over first before anyone could say something nice about a P body.
    1994 Shadow Sedan. 2.2 N/A, A568 355,000 miles. (In the family since new).
    1987 Shelby CSX #418. Long term rebuild and restore.

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