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Thread: Way to rich cold start

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    Way to rich cold start

    I've got a 86 SC with a 89 SMEC setup running a flash-able boost button SMEC I've been picking away at adjusting my tune and have it close to where i want it...except for cold start, as in when it hasn't been ran in a day or so. First initial start is dirty rich. Car just sits and chuggs out black smoke and sounds like its running on 2 cyl for the first 30-45 seconds and clears up shortly after that and runs smooth. AFR is 10.0 during that time and once it clears up is hovers around 11.5-12.0 at idle. What numbers should i see on my AFR once the engine is warm at idle?

    I'm sure this info is on here somewhere so if some could lead in the right direction for what to adjust that would be awesome!

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    Re: Way to rich cold start

    It's 10.0 because that's all your wideband can measure.
    What size injectors are you using?

    This may help.
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    Re: Way to rich cold start

    Yup im fully aware 10.0 is the lowest value it will read. I'm running +20's (52lb) injectors and tune is scaled for 65lb injectors.

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    Re: Way to rich cold start

    Quote Originally Posted by tryingbe View Post
    Thanks for the link! Just read through it and I'm going to give that info a try.

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