Ok looking for some help, The issues are. Cold starts (overnight or setting 8 hours at work) hit the key wait for fuel pump to prime. Then cranks and cranks then after about 4-5 seconds of cranking it starts to pop and cough to life then all is fine. Its starts just fine hot even setting for a few hours. No problems there. Has new accufab adjustable FPR and new areomotive stealth 340 pump. Also using E85. Once started it runs pretty good everywhere else. The 2nd problem is after I do some calibration changes (86 GLHS STG2 and the base cal with a 3 bar 1000cc injectors) the next morning it'll have the same cold start long cranking then starts. After about 30 seconds of running normal 1200 rpm itll jump to like 1800-2000 & stay there for a good 5-8 minutes then bounce down to normal idle 950 ish. Then go back to 1500-1600. And this morning it wouldn't come back down to idle till I shut the dam car off. Then restarted it. Then was normal. What the heck is going on? Some cals I've had jump up (cold) for a minute or so then drop down and be normal for then on. Thease last few have been ANNOYING longer high idle during warmup. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! About ready to go MS system on this thing.