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Thread: Power seat gremlin

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    Power seat gremlin

    Hey guys,

    My 90 Daytona has the power adjustable seat that is mostly working...
    I cant get the seat to move backwards.

    The seat goes backwards and forwards jumped to the battery. I have voltage going through the switch
    There is voltage at the connector.
    Where does the seat ground to?

    Other seat functions work.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Power seat gremlin

    found it.

    My door switch for the seat is troublesome.... the 4 way joystick thing doesn't make proper contact. the ground is below the fuse panel behind a plastic cover.

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    Re: Power seat gremlin

    4373846 Seat Adjuster, w/Recliner (6 button switch) have these
    4565130 Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power
    4373856 Lumbar & Thigh

    above are the seat adjusters for the 90 Daytona

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