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Thread: MPTUNE - Rich idle/part throttle HELP

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    MPTUNE - Rich idle/part throttle HELP

    Hi guys, I am having difficulty fine tuning my LM on my 1987 LeBaron 2.5 TII with 72lb injectors and 3bar.

    MPTUNE is what I am using, as I am using a Stage II Cal from Boost Button.

    Things I have done:
    Adjusted the Injector/Map size
    Modified the FuelColdEnrichmentCurves
    Modified the PumpingEfficiency from RPM
    Modified the FuelBaselineFromMap

    The ones that do the most real changes are the FuelFullThrottle and PartThrottle, as well as the FuelBaselineFromMap.

    The problem: idles rich (10-11), cruise's rich (10-11.5), when I am cruising and let go of the throttle sometimes its 10.0 sometimes its 12.5 but the second I open the throttle a big it jumps back to 10.0. Shes boosting at 11.5-12.0 which I am happy with but I can not seem to get rid of how rich it idles and cruises. Maybe my injectors are just too big...?


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    Re: MPTUNE - Rich idle/part throttle HELP

    If your FuelBaselineFromMap and PartThrottle tables are not just off, then perhaps try working with the Battery Offset table.

    Jeff Chojnacki
    87 Lebaron 2.2 T2 auto
    88 Caravan 2.2 T2 5spd

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    Re: MPTUNE - Rich idle/part throttle HELP

    What I have done in the past is lower the injector size reported in MPTune by small amount (10% to let say 65lb).

    DD '87 Sundance T1, 12PSI, SLH with rear disks
    '87 CSX #432

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