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Thread: when did mini van first get 5x114 hubs and drums?

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    when did mini van first get 5x114 hubs and drums?

    I'm trying to learn caravan rear brake "trivia" so to say as I want a set of caravan drums/hubs & spindles but in the older 80's car like version and 5x114 hub

    so far I've found the rear hub design changed in 95-6? to the current style that has the big lump on the back of the hub assembly which is unusable

    I found the vans went to 5x114 before this rear end change but so far haven't been able to determine exactly the years the vans got the old style spindles and 5x114 hubs.. so it would help to know

    and was there more than one size drum here?

    & yeah, I know EVERYTHING about them is bigger down to the mounting pad holes - thus my interest

    sidebar.. - I WOULD be interested in a mintish set of O-E drums with the hubs still swedged in with the studs

    I came to looking at this the long round about way
    I looked at my past experience with the o-e rear shelby charger (k car) drums, my rear disc conversions , the attending rattle that can go with them and their used parts ,.. the "whole neon thing" to every thread on rear brakes here and >> there, ..
    and I came to the solution - van brakes

    I'm working to install a duel pivot k frame &92-3 brakes and knuckles - without narrowing it so the extra stack height of the rear van drum & spindle will correct my rear track width , first

    I look at the different setups used and I see the base L body , upgraded as a shelby with K car brakes
    fine .. works good

    I look at the factory rear discs and I see an alternate to the K CAR DRUM
    - but not an upgrade , other than BEING disc which may be debatable

    so, going to the big front brakes I see a front upgrade , but maybe no real back upgrade , just a change in design

    but if those big front brakes are also "just lowly" van brakes .. then the bigger rear van brake .. maybe THAT'S an upgrade??

    as in , MORE brake?

    and maybe the rear disc lock up issue isn't about brake size or so much car weight but rather the design of the rear disc
    - with all it's initial squeeze being in one small point on the rotor - not much larger than the diameter of the caliper piston

    I'm thinking in the van drum I'd have more braking surface and also the initial push in the drum would be spread out much more than the squeeze on the rotors
    - hope this makes some sort of sense (??)

    and as 70-80 percent of your brake "feel" to your foot comes from the back end they might be more user friendly too

    - typing caravan , charger or f150 something something into the google search results in the most frustrating searches ...information overload , usually all starting with 2019 ...!!!
    thus my post
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